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Greenhouse Chattering

January 10th, 2007 by Viv

We seem to be suffering a pandemic of Greenhouse Chattering.

People posing as experts should study the geological record.

Climate change, sometimes very dramatic, has been a regular pattern on earth since time began – floods of Biblical dimensions, storms more violent than Katrina, volcanism to dwarf Krakatoa, Saharan droughts, seas that evaporated and then flooded back, flourishing forests during greenhouse eras followed by Mammoth ice ages, high levels of carbon dioxide, warming seas, pole reversals and rapid extinction of many species have all been periodic visitors to earth well before man became a dominant species. We are now living in a benign but short warm period.

Many of these changes are cyclic, and the best evidence suggests that we are on the brink of slipping into a new ice age. The immediate danger to life on earth is a desolate icebox, not a fertile greenhouse. The ice age may be preceded by temporary warming and violent storms.

The reversal could happen next year, next decade, or next century, but probably will not be deferred much beyond that.

Man did not cause it and nothing he can do will change it – we just hope it does not occur in our lifetimes.

If it does occur on our watch, the best option is to move towards the equator or settle near a nuclear power station.

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