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The Mining Tax

December 1st, 2011 by Viv

The Editor
The Australian

Dear Sir

The last time a mining tax was imposed, the infamous ‘Utah tax’, a $6 per tonne levy on every tonne of coking coal loaded on a ship by that company, a ransom on top of all the other taxes which had to be paid before any ship left the wharf, development of new mines by that company was stopped in its tracks for 3 years. Japan commenced investing in new mines in Canada, South Africa and South America. The equally infamous Fringe Benefits tax stopped the construction of mining towns in favour of Fly-in, Fly-out arrangements.

Surely it’s time to replace the tax happy chappies in Canberra with people who have at least some idea of the consequences of destructive tax policies.

Can I suggest they catch up on their holiday reading with an excellent tome ‘For good and evil, the impact of taxes on the course of civilisation’ by Charles Adams.

John McRobert

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