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Interventionism: An Economic Analysis

July 12th, 2010 by Viv

The victories which Lenin, Mussolini, and Hitler won were not defeats of capitalism but the inescapable consequences of interventionist policy.

Lenin defeated the interventionism of Kerensky. Mussolini won his victory over the syndicalism of the Italian trade unions which culminated in the seizure of factories.

Hitler triumphed over the interventionism of the Weimar Republic. Franco won his victory over the syndicalist anarchy in Spain and Catalonia.

In France the system of the front populaire collapsed and the dictatorship of Pétain followed. Once interventionism was embarked upon, this was the logical sequence of events. Interventionism will always lead to the same result.

If there is anything history could teach us it would be that no nation has ever created a higher civilization without private ownership of the means of production and that democracy has only been found where private ownership of the means of production has existed.

Should our civilization perish, it will not be because it is doomed, but because people refused to learn from theory or from history.

It is not fate that determines the future of human society, but man himself.

The decay of Western civilization is not an act of God, something which cannot be averted. If it comes, it will be the result of a policy which still can be abandoned and replaced by a better policy.

So wrote Ludwig von Mises in the conclusion of his “Interventionism: An Economic Analysis.”


Ronald Kitching
Frenchville QLD

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